Volcanoes and Surface Temperature – Antarctica

Anthony Watts has posted a falsification of Steig’s Antarctica Warming from AGW hypothesis. One of the WUWT commentators posted a link to a map showing the known volcanoes at Antarctica (Figure 1) that I reproduce here along with Steig et al’s summary graphic, Figure 2, below.


Figure 1 Known Antarctic Volcanoes above

Steig Reconstruction

Figure 2 Steig’s warming rate from WUWT

Now to a geologist the warming documented by Steig et al is nothing more sinister than a result of increased heat flow from the crust that underlies the known volcanoes.

This is one of those “Blindingly Obvious” facts which seem not to be so to the AGW crowd.

If there were no volcanos and thus no increased heat flow in Western Antarctica, one would start to look for other causes of the identified heat flux as measured, but as facts and experience show, the heating has nothing to do with CO2 and humanity’s emissions.

There is a reason why geologists are not included in the IPCC process – we can explain observations using known scientific facts without inventing scientific novelties. The IPCC, by ignoring the geology of the Earth, can then invent novel explanations for the same observations, the existing one being human emission of some CO2.

Science is the process of explaining observations with known, empirically verified, facts. AGW has never been observed and thus cannot be considered a fact but a, and sincerely held, belief.  No less sincere are the beliefs of astrophysicists in black holes, dark matter and energy, as well as neutron stars – such “scientific abstractions” are invoked when science becomes disconnected from physical reality as AGW and Astrophysics are.  The use of novel abstractions not confirmed empirically in the here and now is the hall mark of pseudoscience.

The irony is that in order to refute Velikovsky’s observation during the 1950’s that Venus would be hot because it was a young planet, Carl Sagan inadvertently created the monster of AGW by proposing a fictitious runaway greenhouse effect that lesser minds seized on without understanding the underlying physics, or lack of physics.  Such aberrations occur in a science when the deductive method is ranked ahead of empiricism and from the very human trait of herd behaviour, is maintained come hell or high water.

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