Lambert – Monckton Debate, Sydney

Just received a pdf of Tim Lambert’s presentation for that debate, and Lambert has problems, of a scientific kind.

I’ve commented, in one of his posts, for more specific citations.

Waiting, waiting……………….

Update: Apart from remembering which particular thread I commented on in Lambert’s Science Blog, (I did get a response a day later and face the daunting task of checking all of Plimer’s references to "Ice -Ages" in order to see which, of any, Lambert used, and also offered to answer Monbiot’s questions to Plimer as well. Rather than trawl Lambert’s blog, I located them myself, and most of Monbiot’s questions can be dismissed as strawman arguments, Plimer wrongly attributed a view to the Hadley Centre, and made one other small error. Plimer 8/10, Monbiot 2/10 – basically not worth publishing it online as it’s water under the bridge. 

One question Monbiot did ask was about the percentage of CO2 attributable to humanity and volcanoes – Monbiot’s reference being the USGS which itself cited Gerlach etc.  Monbiot’s problem is that the Gerlach references are not accessible on the web – go to the USGS link and it references itself – suggesting that Monbiot might need to check his citations before criticising a scientist who erred once or twice with a couple of thousands of citations in a book.

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