Errors in IPCC climate science BoM 3-month outlooks hopeless again

Warwick Hughes has summarised the latest BOM outlooks and actuals for a variety of measurements including rainfall, max and min temperatures for the Jan-Mar 2011 quarter.

To be this far out using the existing physical models for weather forces us to make a simple conclusion – climate science does not understand even the basics of the earth’s weather.

They simply have the physics wrong, yet they persist in using the flawed models, not because they are being forced to, but because they can’t think of any alternative explanation using their extant scientific knowledge. Hence the belief that because the physics must be right, and that it’s only computer processing power that limits their forecasts, the BOM and its counterparts elsewhere in the world persist with the existing scientific paradigm.

The physics of the plasma universe is considered to be a better basis for understanding the weather system than the present, Victorian era, gas light physics in use today.

The continued use of the same flawed scientific explanations to forecast/predict weather by meteorologists and climate science is much like Einstein’s observation that the repetition of the same activity in hope of producing a different outcome is basically lunacy.

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