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An interesting summation of the history of coal taxes in England, concluding:

Why mention all that?

Because it is an important background to the stupidity being done in Australia (and proposed for the USA). We see in it the precursor to what is unfolding now. The only question unanswered is “Who are the Hostmen now?” Rest here

And Chiefio ends his post:

Just drop your coal tax in the bin next to that nice white Coal Tax Post on your way to do anything involving the use of energy…

I, for one, have pulled my money out of Australian companies pending the outcome of the whole mess. Eventually, should this become law, the coal mines of China and Russia will be the big winners. No CO2 will be reduced. More real pollution will be generated (as China is not known for clean practices) and more lives lost (as China is not a very safe mining place either). In the end, there will be less western prosperity, more pollution and land destruction, more lives lost, and a much richer China.

I really do wonder if some very wealthy folks are poised to invest in Chinese coal mining… Perhaps they are the Hostmen of today. Folks with access to The Sovereigns… or perhaps just getting a ‘cut of the action’ at the Tax Trading Floor of the Cap’nTax Casino…

I know it’s not the guy working in the coal mine, nor the loading the ships. And it’s not the folks buying Chinese tube socks on minimum wage working flipping burgers. All I can do is suggest that folks remind their governments of this fact of history from above:

“The tax had been running for at least two hundred years but within twenty years of the posts going up it was abolished.”

We’ve had “fuel taxes” for a long time in the USA and Australia. Don’t let “Cap and Tax” become your “Coal Tax Post”… History is pretty clear on what happens after that. In the case of England, I’d just point out that the next step was the rise of the USA as an industrial powerhouse where such taxes were not present; and the demise of England as a world power.

Now we have China rising as an industrial powerhouse where such taxes are not present… Think about it. Please. “For the children”…

Stupid is as stupid does.

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